Imran cannot run with the Taliban and disco in London at the same time : Pak editorial

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Imran Khan must start opposing Taliban now or be ready for his political funeral
An article by a Harvard University Fellow

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Imran Khan must start opposing Taliban now or be ready for his political funeral
An article by a Harvard University Fellow

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I will pick a gun and join Taliban against the United States: Imran Khan  PDF Version

Imran Khan: A Rabble-Rouser, But For What Cause?


Pervez Hoodhbhoy attacked by Taliban Khan (Imran Khan)

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Imran Khan's Party Says America Killed 3 Baluchistan Politicians. Blames Interior minister of Pakistan as an agent of Israel's Mossad.
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Efforts by ImranKhanExposed.Com are even helping Imran Khan workers who now ask their leader to stop supporting Taliban's ideology. (read comments below the news)
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Imran Khan wants to Implement Sharia (Islamic) laws in Northern Pakistan Determined to raise money for Swat and hold talks with Taliban

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Baitullah Mehsood gets warm welcome by PTI leaders.

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Imran Khan's Party wants a counter attack in USA  PDF Version

Imran Khan's Party wants Pakistan
 Government to expel U.S Ambassador  PDF Version

Imran Khan calls for ending logistic support to America. Once again
 justifies terrorism by  terming it a reaction of U.S aggression. PDF Version

Taliban Khan Organizing  Haqiqi Terrorists, Once  Again, to Create
Death and Destruction in Karachi

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Imran Khan Hides His Hate For The Mohajirs By  Directing It To The MQM

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Liaquat Ali Blog

PTI Workers Seeks Al-Qaida's Help
to Conquer Karachi.
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Imran Khan Insults Pakistani Pashtuns

After supporting Taliban for years, now Imran Khan calls them "illiterate religious beggars" and tells Newsweek that Pashtuns will turn in Osama bin Laden if America pays them. Readers may remember that when in 1997 Attorney Robert Horan made a similar derogatory statement the then Nawaz Sharif Government rightfully asked Mr. Horan to apologize to the Pakistani people. Mr. Horan ended up apologizing. When will Imran Khan apologize to the Pashtuns?

Pro-Taliban Pakistani Imran  Khan Meeting With Senate Democrats
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Imran Khan chills out in Mumbai While Pakistan Burns

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Mr. Taliban Khan Preaches Islam in  Pakistan, Gets Drunk in India

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'Terrorist' Imran Khan arrested

The New Zealand Herald

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Taliban and Al-Qaida Infighting

Resulted in Imran Khan's Arrest

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Video 1 Video 2

Part 1   Part 2

President Bush signs into law Protect America Act of 2007 to improve interceptions of contents of communications where one party to the communication is outside the United States and the government has "a reasonable basis to conclude that one party to the communication is a member of al Qaeda, affiliated with al Qaeda, or a member of an organization affiliated with al Qaeda, or working in support of al Qaeda."

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Latest News

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Taliban/Al Qaeda Back Imran Khan to Overthrow Musharraf

Imran Khan Escapes from DNA Testing, stumped by ruling on Sita's kid
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Sita makes angry response to Imran Khan's denial "You Accept Tyrian as your Daughter OR........."
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Mother of Imran's love-child demanded $10m trust fund.

Imran Khan's Dictatorship Challanged by his own senior member of PTI.
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Imran Khan the Ruthless Killer, responsible for worldwide riots
The Newsweek International  PDF Version

Imran bailing out Al-Qaeda after Benazir's assassination.
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Imran Blaming Benazir for the first suicide blast.
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Taliban Khan Strikes Hunger with Bread, Eggs and Fruits.
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Imran Khan Withdraws Case from Scotland Yard.... Read More Daily jang  The Post
Imran Khan opposing operations against al-Qaida militants in the tribal areas.
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10 Million Talibans are with Imran Khan. Says FATA Tribal Heads.
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PTI Islamabad chapter protests Negroponte visit Read More PDF Version
We reject Made-in-Washington democracy: Imran Khan IBN LIVE PDF Version
Imran Khan AKA Taliban Khan's Fundraiser on Pakistan's Geo TV fails miserably Read More
Imran Khan Joins Force with Khalid Khwaja
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"Imran Khan, rank opportunitism in leaping on this thinly sourced Newsweek piece, his taking advantage of the poverty and frustration and ignorance of easily riled Islamists in the streets of inflammable Pakistan--and this only to benefit himself politically".
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Hypocrite of the year goes to Imran Khan
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Now "Pakistan's Corrupt Judiciary" is White Washed Overnight. Imran Khan ready to take paternity test in Pakistan, avoiding USA Courts.
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Tyrian is not a "White" Child, Said Gordon White, father of Sita White.
The Independent, London  PDF Version

Imran's respect for Women: Jamima Khan had to Follow Imran Khan, had to walk behind him.
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Imran Khan And Zeenat Aman
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Imran nursing his broken heart
Read More PDF Version

Struggle Will Continue Up Until The Justice Is Achieved: Imran Khan
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Taliban Comes to DC To Collect Tax-Free US Dollars..Read More
Taliban leader Imran Khan said that the Taliban should be included in the Afghan-Pakistan Jirga.
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Over one billion Muslims will become suicide bombers across the world: IMRAN KHAN
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IMRAN KHAN: The Pakistani Bin Laden? (Checkout the last few lines)

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Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan’s party chanted Long Live Osama.
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Taliban Khan is a Bad Influence on Bradford Students Bedford University Producing "Future Talibans"
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MQM Files Reference Against Imran  Khan.
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PPP Lashes out Imran Khan’s Cancer Appeal

Imran Khan for "An Open War" with the United States
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Imran Khan Thinks Taliban Restores Law & Order(Checkout the last two paragraphs)
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Imran Khan for Suicide Attacks
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Sita wants Imran to share daughter’s education costs
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"Khan has more than a soft corner for the ousted Afghan Taliban," a senior leader of his party said on the condition of anonymity. "He thinks that the orthodox religious militia did a great service to Afghanistan and Islam before they became a target of the Americans."
Senior leader PTI

Imran Khan's Support for Talibans
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Taliban's call for jihad answered by Imran Khan
The Asia Times
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